Introducing the new shape of energy efficiency

HiVE is an integrated, high performance energy storage solution designed from the ground up to work with any conventional solar system. HiVE’s innovative adaptive technology can be scaled for a wide range of residential, industrial, smart grid, and military applications, big or small.

Sustainability hinges on efficient energy storage

Over the last decade, technologies driving renewable energy generation have advanced at a tremendous pace. But reliable, economical, planet-friendly storage systems have not kept up.

According to energy experts, the key to solving the electric grid/renewable energy challenge is scalable, highly efficient energy storage.

Now that “net energy metering” has been eliminated in Hawaii and other states, the trend is quickly moving toward building clean energy homes and buildings with solar installations and integrated energy storage working in concert to increase the efficiency of the electricity grid, while providing 24/7 power.

HiVE Power Package:

the all-in-one turnkey solution

The innovative HiVE Power Cells are designed and manufactured in Hawaii. This means residents and commercial customers can immediately benefit from local customer service, quicker response times, reliable equipment delivery and regular maintenance.

Right now, HiVE has put together a total solar-integrated battery/financing package that can get you started right away.

Partnering with SunBurst Finance and HNU Energy, HiVE’s comprehensive leasing package provides complete solar installation, battery integration and system management. We can also tailor the package to fit your current solar system.

No down payment. No compatibility issues. No maintenance.

Unlike solar companies who must order battery components from outside vendors, the HiVE Power Package is the easiest one-stop, cost-effective way to get this advanced energy storage technology into your home or business, saving you hundreds of dollars and eliminating fossil fuel dependence.

Why choose HiVE?

Energy Efficient

Integrated power cells save ALL the power generated by onsite solar


Powerful storage management platform works with any conventional solar inverter on the market.

Cost Efficient

Proprietary Multi-Mode Adaptive Power Technology (MAP) connects solar directly to HiVE power cells, eliminating need for a charge controller. Designed with fewer components and less wiring, lowering installation costs.


Attractive, functionally-designed modules available in more sizes than any other manufacturer, so storage can be easily adjusted to fit needs.


Battery cells made of lithium iron phosphate, the safest on the market


Next generation technology will accommodate alternative battery chemistries and adapt to future renewable sources as they evolve

"We selected a quarter Megawatt-hour HiVE battery for our
microgrid project at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam."

- Gen. Stan Ossermann, HCATT Director

For more information or to get started on your HiVE integration, call 808.740.HIVE (4483).

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